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With our expert team, we provide engineered solutions to our customers


The first step in materializing a concept is to develop a Computer Aided Design and to manufacture it precisely using state of the art Machining processes.
Our Design Engineers will help you shape your concept

Engineer & Manufacture

We are involved in manufacturing with state of the art technology to meet our client's precision requirements.
We own a tool room where your designs are engineered to perfection


With our expert panel, we analyse, report and optimize industries , specially foundries towards maximum productivity.
We provide end to end Upgradation / Maintenance / Automation, tailored to each industry

Acheiving excellence through

Strict Process control Attention to detail Coordination & team work Meticulous scheduling support till Deployment

We value every detail provided by our customer and strive to achieve it.

That's our secret for uncompromising quality.





Here are some of our best selling


Low height clamps soft jaw

Suitable for thin workpieces which have flat machined side surfaces suitable for workholding.

Low height clamps hard jaw

Suitable for thin work pieces which have rough side faces like cast components

Custom profile clamps soft jaw

Suitable for workpieces with machined, contour (not flat) faces that are suitable for workholding

ID clamps circular

Suitable for clamping components on smooth bores / holes. Ensures positional accuracy aswell.

ID clampsprofile

Suitable for clamping components on holes that are non circular. Can be made to customer specification.

OD clamps circular

Suitable for workholding on outer surfaces of circular jobs. Ensures positional accuracy.

OD clampsprofile

Suitable for workholding on non circular, contoured outer faces . Can be made to customer specification

Fixture Base quick change

Fixture base plates that can be mounted on the machine to accept our quick change pallets.

Quick change Pallets multi-setup

Pallet style fixtures with attachments that locate precisely on our fixture bases. Multi- setup would increase productivity by reducing setting time.


We make unique products

Finite element analysis

With exponential growth in computing power, it is now possible to validate the Computer aided design by simulating products for real life situations. Hence saving valuable resources. With FEA, it becomes possible to optimize the design for optimal strength, keeping the material requirements low, hence making the product cost effective. We provide FEA services to…

Motor Sports Spares

In competitive motorsport events, it is paramount to keep your vehicle as light as possible. The lighter your vehicle gets, the quicker you would count your laps. Replacing the steel components with High strength aircraft aluminum/ Magnesium alloys/ Inconel would make your vehicles lighter, meanwhile retaining the strength of steel or even stronger. Precise design…

Assembly line Solutions

While assembling 1000+ components every shift, it is necessary to ensure the base component is held to withstand the disturbances from assembly of other components / sub assemblies. Hence we provide comprehensive assembly fixture development solutions which makes sure your assembler / robot get as productive as possible.  Testing Jigs for quality assessment purposes are…


Tight corners that cannot be machined are usually achieved by Electric Discharge Machines. We machine profiles for EDM electrodes which comes in all different shapes and sizes. We meter the tolerances required for achieving finished sizes and incorporate them while machining the electrodes.

Reverse engineering

Vintage machines comes with vintage spares that might be hard to source. Not to worry with our team of engineers, nothing is impossible.  Customers can walk in with a sample of the component that is required and walk out with a brand new component in hand. We take care of everything from CAD design to…

Fixture solutions

Components comes in all shapes and sizes which makes machining each of them with utmost productivity a task in itself. Our team tackles these issues and provide complete end to end fixture development. We design extensive solutions for work holding complex jobs and optimize productivity by studying our client’s machine tool capabilities and providing innovative…

Die and mould

As technology grows day by day, Plastics and alloys make majority of our day to day objects. To achieve perfect components every time, the die and mould need to be precise and perfect.  To create a die that has never been machined before, is one of a kind and does not have guidelines to be…

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We take pride in work we do and strive to meet our customer requirements. We believe - the right personnel with the right approach and the right resources can achieve solutions to any problem in hand.
Gowri Manohar
The company is lead to work towards perfection by following the right engineering methods.
We aim at developing the ideal facility for our customers to walk in with a dream and walk out with their product.
Proper Groundwork and keen understanding of the problem statement gives us all the required data to engineer a solution to the same. All the products we make are accompanied with proper documentation. We love working on challenging projects.
Soorya K
Design engineer


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